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Happy Plants and Horticulture Week appear on Times Radio

Walker said garden centres have become one of the country’s top retail destinations as millions embrace winter gardening to escape the lockdown blues. With high street shops closed in November, garden centres in England were allowed to stay open to encourage gardening and its mental and physical health benefits. 

This led to strong sales of poinsettias and Christmas trees.

She said the rise in popularity of year-round gardening has salvaged a terrible year for garden centres after lockdown from March-May.

Porter, who is raising money for Perennial/Greenfingers in a Christmas jumper challenge, cited BBC documentary Cities: Nature’s New Wild, which spoke about gardening’s environmental benefits.

Happy Plants/Porters Fuchsias said autumn was very good for bedding suppliers such as Porters which was able to squeeze in extra crops such as Christmas planters to make up for lost sales this spring.

Natalie Porter said she could not have “hoped for better” after having faced a write-off of £350,000 when the coronavirus lockdown started on March 23. The nursery lost up to £200,000 per week thereafter during lockdown as garden centres cancelled orders and subsequently growers stopped sowing.

Formby-based Porters is now just under 10% down for the year. See: themostjumperful.co.uk. Porter is fundraising through https://www.justgiving.com/team/themostjumperfultime

The Government has confirmed that the new tiers system will “come into effect from the beginning of Wednesday 2 December”, marking the end of the second lockdown, which has seen Tong, Barton Grange, Bents and Whitehall in the headlines after queues formed at the garden centres.

Horticulture Week saw record engagement in November at hortweek.com with more than 125,000 users in the month.

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